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Era 1: Which engines are available? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

In total there are six eras. Every era will bring it's own engines which you can research, upgrade and buy for your company.


The Swallow is the most basic engine with which you'll start in the game. It can pull up to two waggons and is most suitable for short tracks. You can use it best to transport wood, grain, coal and iron. You can upgrade the engine with Large steam dome (+1 Tractive force), Inlet pipe (+2 Acceleration), Steam header (+10km/h Speed) and Saftey valve (+20% Reliability).


 The Raven is most suited for longer tracks. The engine can pull up to three waggons and you can use it to best transport iron ore, boards, cotton and leather. You can upgrade the engine with Harris wheels (+1 Tractive force), Deep inner fire box (+1 Acceleration), Compound steam (+15km/h Speed) and Ristics piston (+20% Reliability).



The Rhinoceros is also best suited for short tracks and for the transport of wood, iron ore and grain. Besides this this engine is very useful to transport goods to the different industries. The Rhinocerus can pull up to three waggons and it has four options to upgrade. You can add Fassl propulsion (+1 Tractive force), Grueling switch (+6 Acceleration), Nelson brake (+10km/h Speed) and Turner mounting (+30% Reliability).



The Donkey is most suitable for long tracks and for the transport of cotton, boards, thread, iron and cattle. It can also deliver goods to industries who are further away from your city. The Donkey can pull up to five waggons and upgraded with five options. A Cox piston (+1 Tractive force), Best compound (+1 Acceleration), Leaf spring (+10km/h Speed), Smith braid (+20% Reliability) and a Large sand dome (+1 Tractive force). Important: because of the low reliability without an upgrade this engine needs a lot of service which is expensive.



The Falcon has a medium speed and acceleration therefore this engine is suited for every track no matter its length. However its reliability without upgrades is rather low, which means the costs for service are quite expensive. The engine has four options to upgrade. You can add a Flux compensator (+1 Tractive force), Heat controller (+3 Acceleration), Coupling wheel set (+20km/h Speed) and a Control system (+1 Acceleration).


The Mole has a medium speed and acceleration and is suited for every track lenght.This is the best engine of first era and stronger then basic engines you'll get at the next era.Itis smart to invest your research points in this specific engine and to buy it for your company when you can because his last upgrade allows the engine to haul waggons of the following era. The Mole has seven upgrades. A Feed dome (+1 Tractive force), Superheater (+2 Acceleration), Feed water heater (+1 Acceleration), Mass compensation (+10km/h Speed), Smoke deflectors (+10km/h Speed), Connecting rod bearing (+20% Reliability) and Screw coupling (Engine can also haul waggons of the following era, if you research Screw coupling, applies to all trains of the era.).

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