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At Rail Nation you're going through six different eras. After these six eras the mysterious end game starts.

City ranking
As soon as the six eras are finished the rankings are being recalculated and a ranking of cities is being created. The top ten cities, who're developed the furthest are now in the process of being developed to a mega city. When there are multiple cities who have achieved the same development level, the city that reached this the first gets added to the mega cities list.

When the end game has started the first city will be changed into a mega city and the other cities will change accordingly during time and leveling. Do note that the list of runner up cities can change depending on whether how fast they level up. For example, the number three city can level up faster than the number two city and thus switching places before they are developed into a mega city.

Mega cities and goods
During the end game the mega city needs certain goods. Each mega city needs twelve goods simultaneously. When a specific good is filled the next one will be available.

Players and prestige bonus
The players and associations that deliver the highest amount of a specific good receive a very special prestige bonus.

How long is the end game?
The end game is finished when a mega city has received all of it's necesary goods. The end game has no specific time setting, it depends on how fast the players deliver. The final ranking is the ranking shown when the end game is finshed.

Additional information about the end game
There are no workers and events during the end game. You're also not able to sit an account during the end game.

When your city is a mega city you're not obligated to deliver the goods or participate in the end game. The normal game play is still available to you. By competing in the end game you're able to get a high amount of prestige though so keep that in mind. Due to this the end game can create big shifts in the ranking list. The number one might not be the number one anymore after the end game.

When the end game is finished the server will be closed for a couple of days. Do note that there's always a possibility of a delay when there are problems occuring. The accounts will be stored and you can join up for a new round. You can log in with your e-mail and choose a new avatar and city at the start. Any gold that was left on your old account will be available to you at the new round.

We wish you lots of fun and luck playing the end game of Rail Nation!

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