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Account administration Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

       The account information can be found on the right and left top of the screen. The following information is available:

Top Left Corner
Top Left Corner

  1. Avatar:
    By clicking on your avatar it opens up your office, prestige ranking, your jobs and you can edit your avatar.

  2. Money:
    By clicking on your money it opens the planning agency. Here you
    can view your finances, sales, competitions and it holds the calculator.

  3. Gold:
    Here you can see your current amount of gold available. A click on the gold
    redirects you to a menu with information about purchasing gold and outstanding orders.

  4. Prestige:
    By clicking on your prestige you can see the prestige ranking.

  5. Ranking:
    Displays your current rank.By clicking on it will open the statistics window.
    Your rank will be updated every five minutes.

Top Right Corner

  1. Daily Rail:
    Railnation has its own newspaper! Here you can read all that is going on in the world of Railnation.                                                                                                                    
  2. Gold shop:
    The option to purchase gold and spend it on different offers.

  3. Support:
    Find support via various options in this menu. Contact game support, take a look at the forum, visit answers and so on.

  4. Medal:
    Here you can see the medals, their status and the reward you can get. You can also defer a medal.An overview of the medals that you have won by fulfilling different achievements.
  5. Information:
    By clicking on this button a login screen opens with all kind of important information.

  6. Help:
    By clicking on this button a window will show up displaying help about your station and the buildings.

  7. Options:
    Do you want to change the description of your profile? Or do you want to mute the sound? Then this is the right spot to help you out. Besides this you can find the option to delete your account, if you decide you don’t want to continue playing the game.

  8. Logout:
    Everyone deserves a break every now and then. When you logout every schedule you have made continues without interruption. Even the engines keep their resources.

Sitter Function

     Sitter function can be found by clicking the 7.Option button in the Top Left Corner. A sitter can carry out particular actions in the game for you in case you cannot be online for some time. The sitter can only start working with your account if you haven't been logged in for at least twelve hours.






After clicking the Set Sitter button the windows shown below will pop-up.
In this window you can set up to two persons (1.) to sit your account and mark the action(2.) you allow him/her to make on your account.
In the next tab you can see who set you as their sitter (1.), and wich action (2.) they allowed you to perform on their account.

The sitter will be able to perform action on the other account only after 12:00:00 of offline time. 

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