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Era 5: Which passenger engines are available? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

In total there are six eras. Every era will bring it's own engines which you can research, upgrade and buy for your company.


1. Talos
The MAT 54 marks the start of the first era of electric engines. The commuter train from the Netherlands offered great comfort for its passengers, while the conductors initially had to make do with a fold-up chair. The train’s insulation was also changed over the years: when the train entered service in 1956 the waggons were still insulated with asbestos. The characteristic design quickly led to the nickname Hondekop (dog head). Only in 1993 was the asbestos removed from the last train and replaced with glass padding. During its forty years of service, the trains witnessed quite some events: in 1977 for example a MAT 54 was hijacked and the passengers kept hostage for 20 days.


Passengers: 180
Reliability: 70%
Acceleration: High (15/20)
Max. speed: 110 km/h


The Talos engine has 6 different upgrades which you can install. The passenger size can be increased with a Spring tube and adds +10 more. The Transformer cooling adds +10 more passengers. Adding a Rubber ring propulsion increases the acceleration with +2 and Flange oilers add another +1. The Flexicoil increases the speed of this engine with +20 km/h and adding the Imbalance wheel adds another +10 km/h. Installing the Air suspension upgrade will increase the reliability for this engine with +10% adding the Retractable current collector will increase it with another +5%.

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