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Management of your company Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

This is the focal point for your business. All the information about your company, your locomotives and cars as well as news you can find here. Additional information can be found on the Answers pages that are linked separately.

  1. Map:
    The map gives you the ability to quickly navigate to the region of your company. It’s timesaving compared to the drag on the map.

  2. Station:
    All important enhancements for your station can be found here. The lottery booth can be found here as well. Every day you can pick up a free item.

  3. Research:
    At the research department you can explore new features and the latest technologies for your engines.

  4. Engines:
    Your engines can be found here. You can research new developments, upgrades or repair and buy new waggons. If you want to change the schedule of a specific engine? You can change that here as well.

  5. Association:
    In your association you will find important points. Here you can purchase specific workers to add to your association. In the internal forum you can communicate with others in your association and discuss all the new things going on in Railnation.

  6. Inbox:
    What would a company be without a mailbox. Here you can find all the information, newspapers and even messages from other players combined. By using the filter option you can quickly switch between player and system messages to keep track of the correspondence.

  7. Statistics:
    Who’s the current number 1 in Railnation? Which city develops the fastest? You will find everything in the statistics.

  8. Planning office:
    Numbers, numbers and more numbers. The entire world revolves around Railnation. Here you get all the information about your income and expenses for various time periods (today, 1 week, all). In addition you can purchase licenses to gain a bonus for the delivered goods.

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