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What is an association?
An Association is a group of several players. By working together there are strategic advantages for everyone in the Association. There is an internal forum available as well as a live chat. Below is an image of the main association screen.

What is the advantage of being in an association?
By working together with members of your association you can reduce the waiting times at Industries. Each time you invest in an Industry your waiting time will reduce slightly. When an association holds over 50% of the investments in an Industry they will benefit from a 50% reduction in waiting times. Your personal investments in Industries will also give you prestige when that Industry reaches a new level.

Train Station Bonus’s
When you are offline, other players in your association can collect your Train Station Bonus’s, making sure that you don’t miss out on money or prestige points during that time. Likewise you are able to collect other members bonus’s by visiting their Train Station.

You can use Integration to reduce your waiting times or get bonus premium at Industries that have a minimum 25% Occupancy Rate.

Who can create an association?
Anyone is able to setup an association. You will need to select a name for your association and create a logo to represent your association. Once you have founded the association you are able to invite other players to become members, or they are able to apply to you to become members. You are able to promote other association members to different roles if you are the association Chair (founder).

How many members can join the association?
When an association is founded it can accommodate up to 5 members. To have more than 5 members you must upgrade the Association Headquarters. This is done by having association members donate a set amount, once enough funds have been donated the association will level up.
The maximum level of the headquarters is 15, this means the association can have a maximum of 25 members.

How to join an association or start your own?
Association window:

In the association window we find four options.
1. Looking for members. Marking this option allows you to see associations with free members spots.
2. Home city. Only shows associations from your home city.
3. Apply | Fundation. This two buttons allows you to join an association or found your own Association.
4. Preferred nationality. Marking this option allows and choosing the country shows you Associations from that country.

Association Communication
Internal Forum
Each association has its own internal forum which only members within the association have access to. Members who have applied but have not yet been accepted and players outside of your association cannot see what is written in the forum.

Association Chat
This is an association only chat available in the game chat at the lower right corner of the game screen. Clicking on the association icon will take you to this chat. Members who have applied but have not yet been accepted and players outside of your association cannot see what is written in this chat.

There is no mass mail system, however, you are able to contact each member by left clicking on their name and choosing ‘send message’.

Association Workers
Once your association has been created for approximately 5 hours you are able to hire Workers.
A Worker is a contract that you bid on to win for your association. If you are successful, you will benefit from whatever bonus that worker has to offer (e.g. 10 Prestige Points to each association member each hour or 25% reduction in Industry waiting times).

If your association has 3 - 10 members you can have one worker in your association.
If your association has 11 - 19 members you can have up to two workers in your association.
If your association has 20 or more members you can have up to three workers in your association.

New workers that are available for bidding on are generated every 12 hours.

Association Prestige
The Association prestige is calculated by combining 10% of the prestige its members have generated since they joined.

When a member decides to leave the association the prestige points they have contributed within the previous 24 hours will be removed. All of the previous points added by this member remain with the association.

When a player is kicked out of an association you will get a message stating how many prestige points you will lose by kicking that specific member.

Rival and friendly associations
You are able to set another association as friendly or rival. You can only have one rival and one friend. A friendly association can give you an advantage regarding waiting times. When the friendly association holds the majority in an industry your waiting times at that industry will be reduced with 25%. If an association has set you as a rival your waiting times will be increased with 25% at the industries they have the majority.

This feature can be used to work together or making sure other associations and its members have a long working time. Choose your friend and rival wisely!

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