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Research in a new era Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

When a new era has started there will be a new research tree. You are able to research the old ones as well but those engines aren't as good as the new ones.

Why should I invest in the new research tree from the new era?
The engines and upgrades that come with the new era are better and stronger then the old ones. Besides this the new engines are able to transport goods you'll need while old engines aren't able to transport the same goods. Even when the new engines are more expensive it's still worth it to invest in research.

Why are some of the engines in the new era not as 'strong' as engines from the previous era?
The last engine of the previous era is the best of the best from the previous era. The new era brings new research, but research takes time to develop itself. The first engines in the new era aren't as good as the last one from the previous era. However, new engines can transport new goods which old engines can't. Even if they aren't looking as good they can still make you profit due to the goods they transport.

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