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At the lottery you can get tickets and win prizes. It's located on the lower side of the station concourse.

Everyday you'll receive a free ticket at the lottery and you can use this without costs. When a free ticket is available to you a blue bar with stars is shown above the lottery building. Keep in mind that lottery tickets do not stack!!! If you win a ticket in a competition or by collecting bonuses from your friends claim them on the spot or you will lose them as lottery only keeps one ticket.

In the lottery you click at the top left 'Free lottery ticket' (1). Hovering your mouse over the ticket while holding the left mouse button will scratch away the top green layer and reveal your prize.

In the lower field you're able to view the prizes you can win on that day (2). These include money, prestige, gold, clothing items, bonus trains, waggons or a Plus Account  for 24h. Do note this is a selection of available prizes so there are more prizes available than the three that are visible. The more prestige you have, the better the prizes are in the lottery. At the top right you see a button called 'preview' (3). This button will show you the prizes that you can receive at the next prestige level.

Not only money, gold and prestige can be obtained through a ticket but in rare occasions you receive a special coin (4). Gather these coins and trade in a set of coins to get other prizes.

Beneath the button 'buy tickets' is a little check mark option (5). If selected you don't get the confirmation window for each individual ticket you purchase.

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