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What happens when I sell a bonus engine? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

When you've won a bonus engine at the lottery it doesn't influence the number of engines your company has. It has no effect on the engine house. You can win a bonus engine each era, the chances are random and you can collect only one from each era.

What happens when I sell a bonus engine?
You can't sell your bonus engine, not even by accident and then loose it.

Can a normal engine take the space of a bonus engine?
No, it can't. The space of a bonus engine is specifically for a bonus engine and not a normal one. You can never mix up that space between engines. The maximum amount of normal engines is limited by the engine house, when you need more space you need to expand that building. The space for the bonus engine is open when you decide to dismiss the current bonus engine that fits with the specific era you're in.

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