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How do I level up a city? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

At the start of Railnation you will choose a specific city where you want to live. The people who live around that city will all help out together in order to make the city grow and reach a higher level.

How do I level up a city?
When your city has not yet reached level 5 it will not demand passengers. To make your city grow and reach a higher level you need to deliver goods to the city. For example iron, meat, leather and many more. When all of the goods are delivered the city will reach a higher level. However, besides needing goods to level up, the city must get enough goods to feed its population. Due to that it's important that you maintain a steady supply to the city, make sure its reserves never reach zero. When all the bars are turning green your city will reach a next level.

Which goods does my city need?
You can click on your city on the map and a menu will appear. This menu will show you the specific goods your city needs, which goods are available at the moment, today's transport and the city ranking. You can only see which goods your city desperately needs to reach a higher level and which player delivered how much of it.

Can I move to a different city?
You can only 'move' by laying down tracks and connect to another city. However the game will not link this new city to your account so your starting point in the game will remain the same. By connecting at least three tracks to your new city of choice competitions will be generated and you can fully play in your new city.

What if my city grows faster then the eras progress?
It can happen players are so active the city levels up faster compared to the progression of the era's. If that's the case the city will require the same four goods till the end of the era.

What's in it for me to deliver goods?
You're supporting your city, helping out to grow and achieve a higher level for your city. You'll get prestige when you deliver a high amount of goods. How much prestige you can get is visible on the right side of the city menu.

The prices drop ... now what?
When you deliver more goods of a specific category to your city the price drops. If everyone delivers coal, the price of coal will drop. Wish and demand - but for your city the goods are very important to achieve a higher level. Many players start to deliver other goods that will make more profit. However this isn't good for your city because it needs all of the goods including the ones that are becoming cheaper.

It is your city and you all are responsible for its growth. Only with your help the city is able to climb the ranking and become the best city in the world.

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