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Integration, how does that work? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Note: Integration is used on the COM and UK domain, Commodity Chain is used on the US domain. However, it means the exact same thing.

Integration is a part of working together with your association members.This way your association is more effectively working with its schedules.

What do I need?
To start an integration with other members within your association you'll need your city to be at least level two, and the utilisation load of at least 25% of a secondary industry like a sawmill for example.

The new integration gives the opportunity to both deliver and pick up goods at the same time. In the old system, an integration only counted the participating players on the two sides (delivering vs. picking up). For the new integration it is important how many tons are being delivered and how many tons are being picked up within the association.

If the utilisation load isn't high enough there'll be a sign with a red/white cross close to the industry. When you hover your mouse over the sign it will provide you with extra information.

How do I start an integration?
As soon as the utilisation load hits 25% the sign will be gone and a chain symbol will apear above the industry. Clicking on it will show you a new menu and information about the schedules of other members within your association.


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