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Load utilisation, what does it mean? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

The load utilisation states how much that specific industry is being used. It takes into consideration the utilisation of the industry.
To level up an industry you need a high load utilisation over a certain amount of time, this will take a while so don't be surprised that this isn't happening within a couple of hours. A high load utilisation however will give you a longer loading time. More engines that need to load and unload that takes time.
The rate gets calculated over a certain amount of time, changes to your schedules won't have an immediate effect. When you click on the industry you can see when the next calculation will happen.The exact formula to calculate the rate is not known.

When the load utilisation hasn't reached 25% you can only export goods, in the case of the sawmill you can export boards to your city. However you can't import goods, so you aren't able to deliver wood to the sawmill. This can only be done when the load utilisation is higher then 25%. Until then you can export to the city because the industry has some goods in stock until the rate has been reached.

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