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The chat can be found on the bottom right corner of your screen.

The chat serves to communicate with other players or with allies within your corporation. If you don’t want or need to use the chat you can simply minimize the window. At the moment the chat is still under development. Additional features will come in the future. At this time there are 2 different channels available as well as 1 private chat:

  1. World
  2. Private
  3. Association
  4. Country (disabled)

1.World chat allows you to talk with all the people across the server.
2.Private chat allows you to talk privately with a person.
3.Association chat it is used to talk with the members of your association.
4.Country chat, this chat its available only for server that is shared by more then two countries.

If another player is misbehaving please report the player by clicking on his/her name in chat and choose the option report. An automatic draft from the chat plus your personal comment will be send to our support team.

The options to 'ignore' a player and a city chat are not available at this time, these functions have been requested and were forwarded to our developing team.

The option 'country chat' is unavailable for the three international servers. This option is only available for so called multi language servers. This is a server/game that is shared by more then two different countries. World chat is used for the English language and players can chat in their own language choosing the appropriate country chat.

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