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The game generates competitions on a random bases. You can participate by simply clicking on the button hovering above your city when a competition has started. Plan ahead so your engines are already running on the right tracks. You can check the upcomming competitions at the planning office. If you're not online at the moment they start you can use the premium functions. You will participate automatically.

Competitions in another city
You are able to compete in other cities as well. Keep in mind that you will need to connect that city. After you've done this the system needs some time to link the new city to your account and it needs to generate competitions for that city as well. They will show up automatically after a while.

Bonus engines in competitions
If you have already won the bonus engine from the previous era using the lottery you can't win it for a second time using a competition. Instead you will receive an additional amount of money.

For more info about bonus engines click: HERE

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