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Era 2: Which workers are available? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Workers that are available in era 2:


   Richard Arkwright
   20% bonus on deliveries of thread and textiles


   Karl Brescius
   30% cheaper purchase of new routes


   Johannes Gutenberg
   20% bonus on deliveries of wood and paper


   Henry Cort
   40% bonus on deliveries of pastries


   August Borsig
   40% bonus on deliveries of hardware


   Leonardo da Vinci
40% faster generation of bonusses by station buildings


   Robert Stephenson
   Increases the speed of steam engines by 20 km/h


   James Watt
   Engine upgrades 40% cheaper


   Richard Trevithick
   35% faster construction of station buildings


   Matthew Boulton
   Reduces upgrade costs for station buildings by 30%


   George Washington
   50% bonus on prestige for city deliveries


   John D. Rockefeller
$12.500 per hour


   Cristoph Kolumbus
   20% bonus on deliveries of cattle and meat


   Henry Bessemer
   20% bonus on deliveries of grain and flour


   Isambard Brunel
   Reduces servicing costs by 50%


   John Harrison
   Reduces waiting time by 25%


   Adam Smith
   Reduces investment costs by 20%


   Galileo Galilei
   10 prestige per hour


   Friedrich Schiller
   Generates a research point every three hours

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