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Era 6: Which workers are available? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Workers that are available in era 6:


   Carl von Linde
   20% bonus on deliveries of sports goods and aluminum


   Gottlieb Daimler
   20% bonus on deliveries of electronics and machinery


   Reinhard Mannesmann
   20% bonus on deliveries of toys and plastics


   Alexander Cumming
   20% bonus on deliveries of toiletries and pottery


   Marie Curie
   20% bonus on deliveries of pharmaceuticals and chemicals


   Rudolf Dassler
   40% bonus on deliveries of sports goods


   Elisabeth M. Philips
   40% bonus on deliveries of toys


   Werner von Siemens
   Increases the speed of electric engines by 60 km/h


   Frank J. Sprague
   Engine upgrades 40% cheaper


   Thomas Davenport
   Reduces servicing costs by 50%


   Theodore Roosevelt
   50% bonus on prestige for city deliveries


   Robert Mushet
   30% cheaper purchase of new routes


   Carl Fürstenberg
   $100.000 per hour


   Roald Amundsen
   50 prestige per hour


   Samuel Morse
   40% faster generation of bonuses by station buildings


   Antoni Gaudi
   40% faster construction of station buildings


   Walter Gropius
   Reduces upgrade costs for station buildings by 35%


   Sandford Fleming
   Reduces waiting time by 35%


   Albert Einstein
   Generates a research point every hour


   John M. Keynes
   Reduces investment costs by 20%

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