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Warehouse is basically a new type of industry. There are only 11 (eleven) on the map. Every unlocked good on the map can be delivered to the warehouse or picked up at it but you cannot pick up a good and then deliver it back to the same warehouse, you can however pick up a good and deliver it to another warehouse. You can haul as many goods as you want to the warehouse, but you can pick up only one type of good. The good you are picking up has to be different than the one(s) you delivered.  As warehouse is considered another type of industry you can invest into it, your investemnts will count for every good in the industry, you can also set up integration and profit from it the same tou do in other industries. When you have the warehouse connected to your rail network, you can buy all waggoins unlocked on the map even if the industry itself is not connected to your rail network.
Same as industries, warehouses have levels and the higher those levels are, the more capacity the warehouse will have. Generally, the profit from delivering goods to a warehouse are higher than delivering to cities or other industries.

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