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Era 2: Which passenger engines are available? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

In total there are six eras. Every era will bring it's own engines which you can research, upgrade and buy for your company.


1. Giraffe
The first diesel engines entered active service in Germany as early as the 1930s, therefore putting a lot of pressure on the manufacturers of steam engines. The Henschel-Wegmann Train resulted from a cooperation between the engine manufacturer Henschel and the waggon manufacturer Wegmann. They teamed up to prove that steam engines also had a role to play in modern rapid transit. The production series 61, that was designed for exactly that purpose, could reach a top speed of over 175 km/h. The engine didn’t however run smoothly, which even effected the waggons. Hence the trains were used on the route Berlin – Dresden, where speeds above 135 km/h were not required. The train completed the journey in just one hour and 40 minutes. A record that has not been beaten by any other train on this route up to the present day.


Passengers: 65
Reliability: 30%
Acceleration: Low (3/20)
Max. speed: 80 km/h


The Giraffe can be upgraded with a total of 6 different upgrades. You can install a Leaf spring to increase the passenger size with +5, add a Large tender to increase it with yet another +5 passengers. An Oil pump will will increase the acceleration with +1 and a Kylchap will add another +1 to the acceleration of this engine. The Driving wheel small will increase the speed with +20 km/h and adding a Driving wheel medium will add another +10 km/h to the speed. Then there's the Fallback system to increase the reliability with +10% and a Roller bearing for an additional +10%.

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