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Which bonus passenger engines are there? Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

What's a bonus engine?
A bonus engine is a very special engine, you can win one each era. The bonus engine is a very good engine compared to the normal engines of the era. If you happen to win a bonus engine you can find it at your engine menu. It may not be waiting at the city like other engines. The engine menu will show you the bonus engine and you can set a schedule from there.

How do I receive a bonus engine?
Every day you receive a free ticket at the lottery and you'll get a chance at a bonus engine suited for that specific era. You need at least 1000 prestige points in order to win it. When you use the free ticket every day you'll have a 50% chance to get a bonus engine during the six eras (not a 50% chance per era but during the total game). When you want an even higher chance you can buy extra tickets for the lottery using gold. Even though the bonus engine isn't shown in the preview you're still able to win it. Not all prizes are shown in the preview window. The chance of winning is low, it is a bonus engine after all.

You can also win the bonus engine from the previous era by participating in competitions. You cannot win a current era bonus engine from competitions.(Example: You are in era 4 and enter a competition that awards a bonus engine, you will get an era 3 bonus engine, not era 2 or 1). However if you already own a bonus engine from the previous era, you can't win it a second time by winning a competition, you will be rewarded with a money compensation. One bonus engine per era, not two.

Does the bonus engine takes up a spot at the engine house?
No, it doesn't. The bonus engine is a BONUS and doesn't get added to your maximum number of engines. The bonus engine doesn't have an effect on the engine house. You can only have one bonus engine per era.

How many bonus engines are there?
In total there are six bonus engines, one for each era.

Era 1: Dragonfly

Passengers: 35
Reliability: 95%
Acceleration: High (10/20)
Max. speed: 120 km/h


Era 2: Kangaroo

Passengers: 85
Reliability: 90%
Acceleration: High (10/20)
Max. speed: 100 km/h


Era 3: Electra

Passengers: 95
Reliability: 85%
Acceleration: Very high (20/20)
Max. speed: 160 km/h


Era 4: Hades

Passengers: 145
Reliability: 80%
Acceleration: Medium (6/20)
Max. speed: 200 km/h


Era 5: Icarus

Passengers: 160
Reliability: 75%
Acceleration: High (15/20)
Max. speed: 320 km/h


Era 6: Venus

Passengers: 255
Reliability: 70%
Acceleration: High (13/20)
Max. speed: 320 km/h



End Game: Aurora

Passengers: 270
Reliability: 65%
Acceleration: Very high (20/20)
Max. Speed: 300 km/h 

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