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Buying gold
When you click on the bar of gold next to your avatar you'll get forwarded to the goldshop of Railnation. In the first tab of the menu 'Buying' you can see the different packages of gold you are able to buy.

The packages contain, 100, 265, 560, 1200 or 3150 bars of gold. You can make your payment by using PayPal, transfer booking and Creditcard. In total there are multiple ways to pay for gold. When you have received a code you can use the 'Voucher' button to get your gold.

To the bottom right you can view your active orders. You can see which buys are already paid for and view your purchase history.

Receiving gold in game

In Railnation you have the ability to buy gold yourself or you can get gold directly in game.

  1. Lottery: Win gold at the lottery. Receive one free ticket each day or buy more tickets using gold.
  2. Tutorial: To get yourself aquinted with the game, you'll receive rewards and sometimes a little gold during the tutorial.

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